高尾 社長
Masahide Takao

We thank you for always doing business with us.
Takao Seifun-Seimen Co., Ltd. will celebrate its 110th anniversary in 2018.
We are growing to the company which ranks at the top in the dry noodle industry in Japan.
This is because our staff, clients, and customers would support our company. We appreciate them very much.
Our dry noodles are evaluated highly because they are manufactured by the latest equipments, the advanced technique, and the strict quality control.
We will continue to make further efforts to improve quality, not to mention sanitation and safety.
We would appreciate your continued cooperation.

高尾 政秀


  1. Our company is the place where each character is developed, and we have efforts to advance.
  2. We make contributions to society by making excellent noodles.
  3. Our code is “Customers first !”
  4. We go on pursuing the happiness of staff, staff’s families, and the people related to us.
  5. We think the present situations as starting points, and always continue to try to improve them.