1908 Founded by Ukichi TAKAO at Shikisai, Himeji-city.
1948 Incorporated by Masaru TAKAO as the first president.
1976 Masahide TAKAO was installed as president in 28 years old soon after the death of Masaru TAKAO.
1985 Opened Membo, a hand-made udon and somen restaurant.
1991 Increased capital to ten million yen.
1992 Completed the construction of the head office factory, which cost 500 million yen in total.
1995 Completion of an automatic packaging assembly line and installation of a robot cartoning equipment.
1998 Completed the solid automatic warehouse for aging, which can store at most 100 thousand cartons. Completed an assembly hall which can accommodate up to sixty people. Completed an assembly line for making Ibonoito gifts.
2000 Estblished a business office in Tokyo.
2001 Remodeling of the assembly line for making noodles to improve in quality.
2002 Installation of an automatic packaging assembly line and establishment of a business office in Nagoya area.
2004 Installed an automatic wrapping machine. Transferred the Tokyo business office to Koto Ward. The Koshijiman brand was awarded the Shokuhin-Sangyo Technical Contribution Prize.
2005 Published in the National Excellent Corporation List.
2006 Completed the construction of the ancillary equipment in the packaging assembly lines and increased the daily capacity of production to 1,800 cartons, which weigh at most about 20 tons of dry noodles.
Added automatic weighing equipments and automatic binders.
Installed a small lot packaging assembly line and a small lot grinder.
Issued a privately-placed bond written by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Published in the National Excellent Corporation List.
2008 Held the 100th Foundation anniversary ceremony.
2009 Installed a packaging assembly line for untied noodles and packages with zipper tapes.
2010 Completed the construction of the second factory, which cost 600 million yen in total.
Changed fuel from heavy oil to gas to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from factory.
Installed solar power generation facilities.