The best method is eating soon after boiling noodles!

  • 1)Preparation
    Before boiling noodles, take noodle sauce, spice, dishes, and so on.
  • 2)Timer, Boiling, Little by Little
    Boil more than one liter of water for 100 grams of dry noodles in a pan. Boil well enough until bubbles are produced. Set a timer for the time which is printed in a package of the product. And put noodles little by little into the pan to boil.
  • 3)Stirring
    Stir noodles a little by chopsticks and continue to boil until the timer rings. If the pan is about to boil over, turn down the heating power. If you cook hot noodle, make noodle soup while the noodles are boiled.
  • 4-1)Cooling
    Soon after the timer rings, put the noodles to a colander. Cool the noodle enough with running water and drain water out of noodles. If you cook somen, soak somen in ice water before draining.
  • 4-2)for hot noodle
    Soon after the timer rings, put only the noodles directly to a bowl where noodle soup is poured.
  • 5)Dishing up
    Dish up the noodles with noodle sauce, spice, and so on. Eat as soon as possible.